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Electrical System Inspection: The inspection of the electrical system of your home, like the roof inspection, begins as soon as the inspector pulls up in front of your house. The Florida home inspector will notice how electricity is delivered to your home, whether from underground cables or overhead.

If there are overhead electrical lines, he will notice whether the entry point to the house is at least three feet above the highest roof point.

As your inspector walks around the exterior, he will look for the electric meter and notice whether it appears to be properly mounted and tagged.

Then he will make sure that a copper grounding rod is within sight. If the home is not properly grounded, this is not only a code violation but also represents a dangerous situation.

The electrical system inside the house may seem to work fine, until someone receives a serious shock, that could even cause death.

While he is still outside, he will look for exterior wiring, receptacles, and lighting to make sure they are in good repair and working order.

The next step in the inspection will likely be an examination of the breaker panel. He will remove the front cover so that he can better see the wiring.

Electrical Breaker Panel
Electrical System Inspection - Electrical Breaker Panel

He will take notice of what size/ amp breakers are installed and to what gauge wiring they are connected. He may use a hand held tester to test which circuits each breaker controls if they are not clearly marked.

Inside the house, he will check electrical receptacles, by putting his tester on to make sure they are delivering the proper current.

Electrical Switch With Panel Removed
Electrical System Inspection - Electrical Switch With Panel Removed

He may remove some of the switch plates and inspect some of the wiring to make sure that it is up to date, and in good repair.

He will spot check the interior built in lighting, noting whether the fixtures are in good repair, and if they seem to be stable and properly installed.

Interior Wall Lighting
Electrical System Inspection - Interior Wall Lighting

The inspector will check receptacles in kitchens and bathrooms to make sure they are the proper type. If an electrical receptacle is near a water source, it must be a ground fault circuit interrupter - GFCI; or ground fault interrupter – GFI.

These are grounded so that they will not operate until reset when there is water or moisture present. In bathrooms, he will also make sure that there are no light switches in reach of someone while in the shower or tub.

As part of the electrical system inspection he will also check the built in appliances. The hot water heater and the dishwasher are both inspected for both electrical and plumbing.

In Florida, anything that requires a tool to remove is considered part of the real estate, so built in appliances are part of the home; as are attached lighting fixtures.

Expect him to remove the front plate on the hot water heater to see if the wiring is sound. He may run the dishwasher to make sure it is in proper working order.

While in the garage or laundry room he will likely take special care to inspect the 220V AC receptacle for the clothes dryer.

Like any and all electrical fixtures, these should be securely mounted with up to date wiring and parts. Poor or faulty wiring can have dire consequences...

Dire Consequences of Electrical Neglect & Bad Wiring
Electrical System Inspection - Dire Consequences

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